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Tue, February 08, 2022
Start: 02:00 PM
End: 03:00 PM

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Please join us for Chapel every Tuesday at 2:00pm on Zoom.

This week we are very glad to welcome our Poet-in-Residence, Don Martin, who will share some of his poetry with us. (Don hosts an MDC poetry web-journal on our website, where there are some wonderful contributions to the ongoing project, Poems for Ephesians: https://mcmasterdivinity.ca/poems-for-ephesians/). Please join us for chapel again this week, where we will gather as a community to greet each other with “peace,” let a song wash over our souls, experience the beauty and ministry of poetry, pray the Lord’s Prayer in some of the heart languages of our community, and continue in our study of Philippians with Dr. Stanley Porter.