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Thu, November 11, 2021
Start: 07:00 PM
End: 09:00 PM

Our November meeting of Linguistics Circle will be held this Thursday evening from 7-9pm in our usual Zoom room. This month, our very own Dr. Stanley Porter will be presenting a paper entitled, “What Can Biblical Greek Linguistics Learn from Philosophy and Hermeneutics?” Here is his abstract:

In this paper I introduce some of the philosophical underpinnings of the various stages in the history of language study, with concentration upon the study of New Testament Greek. I trace the three major periods, from the Enlightenment to the contemporary period, showing the influence of philosophy and hermeneutics. I then explore some recent developments by selecting a couple of contemporary linguistic theories and examining some of their philosophical and hermeneutical presuppositions. I finally draw out some hermeneutical implications. One of the goals of the paper is to move away from any notion that language study, especially Greek language study, is a discipline free from the influence of its intellectual context and open possibilities for rethinking how we conceptualize language.

For those who are planning on joining, please visit the CBLTE online forum (forum.cblte.org) to access the paper. For those who do not have access to the CBLTE forum, please contact Dr. Dave Yoon (yoond2@mcmaster.ca) to be invited. We look forward to a stimulating conversation regarding philosophical and hermeneutical presuppositions of how we understand language and linguistics.

Linguistics Circle is a monthly gathering where we have a paper distributed to interested people beforehand, and discussed during the meeting. Anyone interested in biblical linguistics is welcome to join.

All meetings are on a Thursday evening, from 7-9pm. For those interested in joining and not yet a member of CBLTE, please contact Dr. Dave Yoon  to get connected.