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Tue, March 07, 2023
Start: 01:00 PM
End: 02:00 PM

The NT Guild March meeting will be taking place Tuesday, March 7th at 1:00pm EST. The topic for this meeting will be “How to Pass Your Comprehensive Exams with Success.” Jihyung and Moises will be sharing a little bit of our own experiences, the things that we did right (and wrong) in order to prepare for this phase of our PhD journey. We are hoping to be of blessing to many of you who are preparing or planning to prepare for these exams. There are many of you, as well, who have already successfully passed your comprehensive exams. Please, make sure to join in to the meeting and share with others of your experience. We anticipate a very fruitful conversation.

The link for the meeting is the same we used for prior meetings:

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