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Wed, March 31, 2021
Start: 01:00 PM
End: 02:00 PM

Presenter: Ambrose Thomson, PhD (cand)

Paper topic: “A Predictable Promise: Genesis 12:1–3 and the Solution to Primordial Problems”

Abstract: This paper provides a biblical theological analysis of Gen 12:1–3 by constructing a theological context of interpretation from the literary material in gen 1–11. Following a method of biblical theological analysis inspired by the general concept of intertextuality and developed with insights taken from linguistic intertextual theorist Jay Lemke, the paper explores the theological interconnections between Gen 12:1–3 and Gen 1–11 along the specific trajectories of genealogyblessingnaming, and terrestrial inhabitation. The result is an account of Gen 1–11 that renders 12:1–3 with a particular theological significance, namely, that of anticipating a unique recapitulation of the original creation and calling of humanity that both transcends it and fulfills it. That is, Israel’s promised identity and function is presented in Gen 12:1–3 as that of a new representative humanity who will recover the original creation blessing and mandate together with the conditions for its fulfillment and then return it to the wider human family.

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The MDC Theological Research Seminar (TRS) will be held virtually for the 2020-21 academic year. TRS meets for an hour twice per month on Tuesdays. Each seminar includes about thirty minutes for the paper presentation and twenty minutes for discussion. 

All advanced degree students are invited to present a paper and share your research with your colleagues. TRS is an excellent opportunity to “test drive” a paper you will be presenting at an upcoming conference and receive helpful feedback on your current research projects. Thinking about submitting an article to a journal and want some interaction first? TRS will provide it. Just published an article or an essay and want to share it us? TRS is an excellent opportunity to broadcast it.

This year the organizing committee consists of Dr. Paul Evans, Dr. Michael Knowles, and Dr. Steve Studebaker.