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Wed, November 10, 2021
Start: 12:00 PM
End: 01:00 PM

Presenter: Dudley Brown

Title: W. Andrew White Jr., the No. 2 Construction Battalion, and Black Citizenship

William Andrew White, among other black leaders, believed World War I would be an opportunity for the black community to show its patriotism. However, The Great War gave White a glimpse behind the curtain that hid Canadian racism; once pulled back, White came face to face with the stark truth concerning the obstacles that would impede full citizenship for African Canadians. This presentation will look at the intersection of two themes: 1. the leadership of William  Andrew White, and 2. the systemic racism prevalent in wartime Canadian society. That intersection occurred as Rev. White attempted to care for his men as the Chaplain of the all-Black No. 2 Construction Battalion. White’s leadership just before, during, and just after his war years are the tale of a theology in flux. The presentation will focus specifically on how White’s war experiences informed his theology and would later guide his oratory and actions.

Dudley Anthony Brown is a fifth-year PhD student in Historical Theology—specifically Church History. He holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies where he did his thesis on the African-American Pastor’s effect on the Civil Rights Movement in the United States—he holds additional Bachelor’s degrees in Science (Marine Biology/Physics) and Education. He spent the last twenty years as a middle and high school Principal serving low socioeconomic communities. His doctoral research investigates the African-Canadian pastor’s role in the African-Canadian community and greater Canadian culture through the lens that is the life of the Reverend William A. White. His overall focus is concerned with recovering the rich African-Canadian history that has been lost to its people and more importantly to the collective consciousness of the general Canadian populace. Email address: brownda35@gmail.com.

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