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McMaster Divinity College,
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton , ON
Tue, September 19, 2017
Start: 12:30 PM
End: 05:00 PM

Paper Topic:
A Theology of Teaching and Discipling as a Model of Teaching in the Chinese Church

Topic Overview:
This study attempts to answer two questions for a Chinese-Canadian Christian context: what is teaching and how can we do it in church? It includes dialogues between theology and education, and between West and East. Drawing on Andrew Purves, I conduct a “hermeneutical process” of conversation between theology and ministerial experience, and argue that Christian teaching is a theological act in which we, being united with Jesus, share in His ministry through the Spirit to make known the revelation of God and transform human lives. As a practical outcome of this conversation, I propose discipling as a model of teaching in Chinese church. This model consists of five basic components: discipling in one-on-one time, in small group, in classroom, in life crisis, and to reproduce.


Esther Cen