Don Springer

Adjunct Professor of Theology and Patristics

Dr. Springer is a graduate of McMaster Divinity College (PhD, 2019) and joined the patristics faculty in 2021. In 2022, he and Dr. James Payton launched and now co-direct MDC’s Centre for Patristics and Early Christianity.

He was previously an instructor at the Pappas Patristic Institute’s summer patristics program for three years, currently serves on the executive of the Canadian Society for Patristic Studies, and helped launch New Horizons in Early Christian Studies, an independent group established to organize conferences (held in 2021 & 2023).

Specializing in the study of early Christian spirituality and St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Dr. Springer has offered courses in systematic theology, patristics, and spirituality, and has lectured elsewhere on a variety of topics related to historical theology.

Dr. Springer has recently co-edited two volumes of essays: Patristic Spirituality: Classical Perspectives on Ascent in the Journey to God (Brill, 2022) and Studia Patristica: Readings in Irenaeus (Peeters, 2021). His current projects include working with John Behr and Awet Andemichel on a proposed Oxford Handbook of Irenaeus.

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Current Course List

Course Title Instructors Term Year/Month Days
Early Christian Spirituality Don Springer Spring 2024
Theology Through History Don Springer Winter 2024 Wed