Kelvin Mutter

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Kelvin joined the core faculty of MDC in the fall of 2014.  Kelvin's teaching is informed by his experience as a pastor, a lay leader in the church and a psychotherapist.  Kelvin's academic and clinical training is in the fields of Pastoral Care & Counselliing and Marriage & Family TherapyBefore he joined the core faculy, Kelvin was an adjunct professor at MDC (since 2006) and has taught at other seminaries.Kelvin is married and has three adult children.

Practical Ministry Experience: 

Ordained by the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in 1982, Kelvin has served as the full-time pastor of two churches and the interim pastor of three other churches. When he is not teaching at MDC, Kelvin continues to work in an agency setting where he counsels individuals, couples & families and mentors graduate students who are training to be psychotherapists & social workers.

Research Interests: 

Kelvin's primary research interests are a) the personal and professional formation of counsellor-therapists, clergy, and others, and b) the formation and maintenance of effective ministry relationships between clergy or counsellor-therapists and those who come to them for assistance. This research combines an examination of the literature, reflective practice  and qualitative research. Kelvin's work has focused on (i) studying different learning experiences that contribute to developing competency in the work of pastoral care, spiritual care (i.e., chaplaincy) and counselling practice and (ii) reflecting on strategies for engaging others in a counselling relationship. Kelvin's second area of research relates to the interface of faith, spirituality and theology with the practice of spiritual care and counselling. This research approaches the subject from both a meta-theoretical perspective (e.g., theological reflection on marriage and family) as well as at the micro level which is concerned about the in-the-moment use of religious and spiritual interventions in counselling. 

Current Projects: 

Kelvin is currently engaged in two studies that focus on the professional formation of counsellors/therapists, social workers and spiritual care providers.

The first study is a qualitative study of Graduate Students' Experiences of Clinical Supervision.  Phase One of this study yielded 22 usable responses to a quantitative survey (12 social work students, 5 counselling students and 5 spiritual care students). All groups pointed  to the important role of the supervisor in their professional formation. The data suggests there may be important differences between the types of learning experiences of social work students and those who are studying to be counsellor-therapists or spiritual care providers. However, further study is required to support this suggestion. Next steps include revising the methodology with a view of obtaining a clearer understanding of any differences and similarities between intern experiences.

The second study is a practice-led research study using qualitative methodology that examines the Role of Case Notes in the Professional Formation of Counsellors. 

Kelvin's current scholarly research includes ongoing reflection on the use of Mindfulness-based interventions with religiously devout individuals. 

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