CREW Leader

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There are no prerequisites for this position, but NLS or Bronze Med is an asset. Previous experience in a camp leadership role, including activity leading, is also desirable.

Overview of Program: 

CREW is the second year of personal development training within the Youth Development and Leadership Program at IAWAH. CREW is an intensive 21-day program centered around volunteer work and focuses on excellence in work, healthy habits, and living in a Christian community.

Overview of Role:

Provide spiritual and practical leadership and direction to the CREW participants (aged 14-15) to ensure a safe, yet challenging environment for personal holistic growth.

A successful CREW Staff will effectively communicate with their CREW Team Leader as to what is going on in CREW within the community and daily activities. They will be personable, able to take direction, and able to work in a team effectively. It is best if CREW leaders are able to lead from within, rather than from above. An attitude and a heart submitted to the Spirit of God is essential to being effective in this role.


– To be an effective and supportive member of the YDLP team
– Responsible for leading and supervising small groups of Crew participants in facility projects, general cleaning, and in the dish room.
– Ensuring quality, efficiency, and a safe work environment/supervision of all work being done
– Using “teachable moments” to talk about servant leadership
– Responsible for the creation, development, and maintenance of a healthy community among participants
– Assisting in conflict resolution
– Enforcing program expectations and rules
– Creating an environment that fosters spiritual development among participants and staff
– Bible study leading
– 1 on 1 discipleship meetings with a select number of participants
– Worship leading (depending on gifts and talents
– Leading activities, as trained and available
– Planning and delivering challenges/team-building exercises
– Providing structure during the participants “time off” in the program
Please contact Steve Brown (ministries@iawah.com) if you have any questions.

More information about the role: https://sites.google.com/iawah.com/seasonal-staff/jobs/ydlp-leadership-staff?authuser=0

Online Application: https://iawahstaff.campbrainstaff.com

To apply for this job please visit iawahstaff.campbrainstaff.com.