Youth and Young Adults Pastor

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Role Description

We are looking for an innovative and passionate leader who will:

1. Lead us in forming an“adoptive youth ministry”culture at Compass Point.

Helping to produce a church family who consider the needs and contributions of our youth and young adults related to congregational care, leadership, decision-making, and church-wide programming.

2. Train up people at Compass Point to become part of a “web” of mature, Christian “influencers” in the lives of our youth and young adults.

Creating positive and supportive intergenerational relationships that help to care for and integrate youth, young adults, and their families into the life of Compass Point.

3. Ensure structures and programming are in place to provide opportunities for care, discipleship, mentoring and service to all Compass Point youth and young adults.

Working in Partnership with YoungLife this will develop a Youth and Young Adults ministry that aims to serve all students and families well, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

4. Maintain a strong, mutually supportive partnership with YoungLife Burlington, its staff, and volunteers.

Resulting in a healthy, effective, and sustainable partnership and an increasing number of youth and young adults in our region Aligning Lives with the Way of Jesus.


Care & Integration (60% time spent)

  • Learning about and serving as a voice to promote and uphold an “adoptive youth ministry” culture in our board meetings, staff meetings and congregational gatherings.
  • Working with other Compass Point staff, volunteers, and congregants to ensure that the needs and contributions of youth and young adults are being considered in our decision-making and programming.
  • Training and equipping a team of volunteers to serve as mature, Christian “ influencers” in the lives of Compass Point youth, young adults, and their families.
  • Maintaining an awareness of all youth and young adults connected to Compass Point, and ensuring relational connections are maintained.
    Working with other Compass Point staff and volunteers to engage youth and young adults in using their God-given gifts and abilities to serve at or as an extension of Compass Point.
  • Working with other Compass Point staff and volunteers to provide care and support to students experiencing crises or times of transition (ie. family emergency, health issue, graduating, moving away for school, etc.).

Family Support (15% time spent)

  • Clear and regular communication with parents.
  • Providing resources and pastoral care for parents and families of youth and young adults.

Programming (10% time spent)

  • Implement, with necessary volunteers, regular young adult programming to provide care and discipleship for all young adults connected to Compass Point.
  • Implement, with necessary volunteers, occasional youth programming designed to promote spiritual engagement and positive, peer relationships for all students connected to Compass Point.
  • Establish and implement, with the help of volunteers, structures for care, discipleship and mentoring for youth and young adults outside of Young Life where needed.

Young Life Partnership/Support (5% time spent)

  • Regularly meeting with Young Life/Wyld Life workers and volunteers to support the program and to ensure Compass Point youth are engaged well.

Student Leadership Development (5% time spent)

  • Develop and maintain systems to help youth and young adults to discover, develop, and utilize their leadership abilities in and through Compass Point.

Professional Development (5% time spent)

  • Take a proactive approach to personal growth and development. Qualifications, Experience & Education


  • Mature follower of Jesus Christ including an authentic lifestyle demonstrating consistent character and spiritual growth.
  • Willingness to commit to and participate in our mission by:  (1) regularly attending and participating in Compass Point gatherings;  (2) engaging in practices and relationships related to a personal Rule of Life (3) embodying Jesus through a personal commitment to service and evangelism in everyday life.
  • Education and experience in Youth or Young Adult Ministry.
  • Ability to supervise volunteers and/or junior staff members.
  • Expertise in Youth and Young Adult related issues, including demonstrated proficiency in counselling and support.
  • Experience in church related staff environments.
  • Strong management, organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • In full agreement with CPBC’s Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Young Life ministry is an asset.

To apply for this job please visit compasspointbc.com.