Professor (New Testament/Theology) – Department of Christian Religious Studies

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The University of The Gambia is looking to hire a professor (potentially a foreign national) with a Ph.D. degree in New Testament (or potentially theology) to teach in the Department of Christian Religious Studies. This university, located in Brikama, The Gambia, is the only national university of the country, and the Christian Religious Studies program was first launched in 2015 and is the only 4-year B.A. program in theology in this country that is approximately 90% Muslim.

The qualified candidate will be working in the university as a visiting scholar. The university will give reimbursement for housing up to a reasonable amount and will also provide transportation/utility allowances, whereas the lecturer is responsible for raising his/her own salary. The basic teaching load is three courses a semester mainly in the field of the New Testament along with courses on basic theology, preaching, and the Christian life. The Gambia, located in the northwest coast of Africa, is the smallest country in the mainland Africa with the population of about 2.5 million. This country takes pride in its safe and peaceful environment for foreign nationals to work and live in.

Currently in the program are three full-time lecturers, including two foreign nationals, and two part-time lecturers and about 40 students from The Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. This program is strategically important for missions, as it contributes to raising and training church leaders in the countries where Christianity is small but is steadily growing.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact Peter J. Schuurman at
office@globalscholarscanada.ca in order to learn more about this position available at the University of The Gambia.

To apply for this job email your details to office@globalscholarscanada.ca