Music Director & Creative Team Leader

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VISTO Performing Arts Camp will allow students to engage in weekly camp experiences.

Creative Team Leaders will be passionate about the performing arts (singing, dance) and

instructing young people. Comprehensive VISTO training will allow opportunity to learn

more about themselves and the world around them while growing individually and as a team.

The Creative Team Leader will create and teach company songs and performance materials

to students ages 8 to 16 years while inspiring and motivating each one through their

presentation and leadership skills. Creative Team Leaders will create a dynamic, high-energy

camp experience for individuals of all skill levels to participate and excel within. Ability to

collaborate as a team and support VISTO staff in accomplishing an epic summer experience

for all campers while creating a fun and successful summer work experience.


K2K Productions has existed for 18 years as a weekly theatre arts program for students in

grades 2-12. Students in each K2K Company experience small groups and mentoring,

coaching in singing, dancing and acting and preparing for a full-scale musical. We desire

that every student will find a place to belong, a place to fit in and their purpose. VISTO

Performing Arts Camp is launching Summer 2023 to support the needs and interests of

students in our program while offering weekly performances and engagement opportunities

for families and the community.

We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for young

people to grow in faith and develop skills no matter their experiences or background.


• An energetic individual age 15 to 30 years who has a significant amount of training in

singing, or dance and providing instruction

• Passionate about working with and empowering young people regardless of their

beliefs, background, or experiences

• Confident in overseeing large groups and able to captivate their attention

• Proficient at creating and teaching choreography, or music to groups of students

and staff

• Patient, fun-loving and confident in ability to motivate and assist campers in all of

the day-to-day activities and program

• Possess strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills

• Demonstrate responsible, ethical, and professional conduct

• Accepting and in partnership with K2K’s mission to reach young people through the

arts while growing character and faith

• A team player while carrying a high-level of responsibility and accountability

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• Create and teach company song and performance material to new groups of

students each week

• Work collaboratively with other leaders to create daily challenges and impactful skits

• Supervise campers and ensure their safety, development, growth, skill achievement

and general well-being

• Motivate others towards learning new skills and being the best version of themselves

• Problem-solve situations and circumstances with team members

• Stamina to engage in high-energy days

• Demonstrate emotional maturity, a positive attitude, thoughtfulness, and stability

• Clean, maintain and ensure proper use of camp facilities and equipment

• Memorize all emergency procedures, abide by, and enforce camp rules

• Strive for excellence in all aspects of each day while supporting others to do the



• A fun work environment and culture working with students

• A community enriched summer experience working with like-minded people

• Daytime work hours

• Hours will vary slightly with different start & end times, within 8:00am – 5:00pm

• Civic Holiday and weekends off – except Saturday August 26

• A full-time, 8-week contract position that will allow you to grow in leadership,

creativity, community, and faith

• Two weeks of Orientation & Leadership Training which will provide insight, personal

growth, and build confidence prior to camp weeks

• Orientation & Training will include team building, spiritual gifts, leadership,

discipleship, child development, safety and training, and suicide prevention training

• Inspiration, prayer, and motivation from leaders surrounding this ministry who are

deeply invested in students and their success (mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

• Work collaboratively with a team of 10 or more

• Creative Team Leaders will report to VISTO Camp Director

• Casual, modest dress including Camp shirts to be worn daily

• Some VISTO merchandise at no-cost for camp use

• Discounted merchandise, if desired

• Possibility of billeting in family home for 8-weeks

NOTE: Candidates applying for any position with VISTO Camp must obtain a recent (within the last

two years) Police Check in the Vulnerable Sector, if requested. All employees must complete

training for the safety and protection of vulnerable youth within the first week of employment.

Contract dates: July 4 – August 26, 2023 (8 weeks)

Job Type: Full-time, 40 hours/week

Hourly Wage: $15.50 – $18.50 per hour

To apply for this job please visit www.vistocamp.ca.