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SUMMER PASTORAL POSITION (May 20.2023-Aug.30,2023)at opportunity

This Pastoral position is a great opportunity to learn the varied aspects of Ministry throughout the summer. Here is a brief list of some of the services as part of our job description which outlines this position further.

Sunday Morning Services prepare, give leadership, and sermon from May 21, 2023, till the end of June. Biblical theology or training is vital in this Pastoral position.

Vacation Bible School from 10 am till noon Monday to Friday from July 3, 2023, till the end of August. Again, giving leadership through bible stories, drama, games, and songs to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the children. Creating flyers and distributing them throughout Sauble Beach to encourage children to attend. The ages of children will be from 6 to 10 years of age.

Personal experience with children will be an asset in this position.

There will be outreach opportunities for the vacation bible school children and their parents twice in the summer. A hot dog BBQ and a corn boil will take place on the property with the help of the pastor preparing a small program for the parents as to what the children have been learning. Board members volunteer to BBQ and cook the corn.

Our pastor will be asked to take a journal and be organized with his daily vacation bible school plans so a report to the board will be written or verbal at our 3 board meetings throughout the summer.

Communication is extremely important for this position.

Doing the lawn and keeping facilities clean is another part of the church and the pastor’s responsibility.

A cottage is provided free of charge for the Pastor as well which is directly on church property. Our pastor should be responsible to take care of his place and live alone or with a spouse.  *Unfortunately, this job cannot accommodate families due to space.*

This is just a brief glimpse of some of the services and job descriptions at this time. Every student we have hired except for one is in full-time ministry today. This opportunity helped them to experience goals, vision, understanding, and even their own strengths and weakness.

Furthermore, having an ongoing daily Personal relationship with Jesus Christ is very important for us when considering the right candidate for this position.

If you have any questions please contact me at stromecindy@gmail.com or 519-590-9151.

Thank you, Mrs. Cindy Strome.




To apply for this job email your details to stromecindy@gmail.com