Academic Dean

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Hours: Full Time

Wages: Per scale

Beginning Date: Summer 2024

PLEASE NOTE: All applications received by end of day, March 31,
2024, will be considered.

Contact: Marcella Laws

Email: Please submit your resume and CV to

Phone: 403.443.3030

Duration: Permanent

POSITION MISSION: This full-time position exists to support the mission of Prairie “to establish God’s kingdom by equipping and mentoring individuals through biblically integrated education for life and careers that will meet the greatest needs of the world.” This specific role reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer and works closely with the Chief Executive Officer (President). The position is also a key member of the leadership team and functions as such on the Management Team and corresponds, as necessary, with the Board of Directors regarding
the academic direction and focus of the college. The Academic Dean is to provide excellent and relevant educational leadership to Prairie’s Faculty Fellowship, and to be Prairie’s educational representative and ambassador to externals.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: General responsibilities may include but are not limited to those noted below.
The description may be adjusted according to the experience, skills and passions of the successful candidate.

 Oversee all matter relating to curriculum and instruction.
 Recruit, hire, orient, lead, evaluate, and release faculty.
 Cultivate an environment in which faculty can flourish.
 Work with the Registrar to determine annual Faculty course loads, including the hiring of Adjunct Faculty as needed.
 Coordinate periodic academic program review.
 Investigate, initiate, evaluate, establish, and close programs following the process outlined in the Faculty
 Implement Prairie’s mission and vision within the academic personnel and programs.
 Oversee development and implementation of academic strategic planning.
 Establish, facilitate, and nurture external partnerships for the educational benefit of the College.
 Teach courses as determined by personal qualification and interest, and by program schedule and need.

 Chair the Academic Council and speak on its behalf when attending the Executive Council of Board
Meetings. Leading the Academic Council includes following the provisions laid out in the Academic Council
 Facilitate the development and control of the budget for the academic programs at the College.
 Schedule and facilitate regular meetings of the Faculty fellowship.
 Review and refer decisions to the Faculty for consideration. The Dean can veto any action taken by the
Faculty. The Dean reports any veto to the Faculty and, in writing, to the Chief Operating Officer within two
working days.
 Maintain and amend the Faculty Handbook as necessary.
 Serve as a member of the Management Team.
 Inform Managing Directors of deliberations and proposed decisions that affect their areas, and ask them to
be present when those decisions are made. The Chief Operating Officer can veto decisions that are made
without following this rule.
 Provide reports to the Faculty, Management Team, and Board as necessary.
 Participate in the Board of Directors meetings (Fall, Spring) as requested by the Board Chair.
 Inform the Chief Operating Officer of risks arising within the Dean’s area of responsibility.
 Chair academic appeals and review committee meetings to handle academic offenses.
 Develop, implement, and lead initiatives related to accreditation with the Province of Alberta and/or the
Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).
 Perform other duties as assigned by the Chief Operating Officer.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
 Passionate about biblical higher education and preparing college students to meet the greatest needs of the world.
 Passionate about empowering faculty in their roles.
 Understanding of academic rigor appropriate to post-secondary education.
 Broad and deep knowledge and experience of the world of biblical higher education.
 Broad and deep biblical and theological knowledge; an understanding of many traditions and denominations, with a commitment to interdenominational partnerships and education.
 Ability and skill to relate well to college age students.
 Understanding of the emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual difficulties, needs, and trends of college students.
 An understanding of Prairie College’s history and culture.
 The ability to be innovative, creative, and bold in both problem solving, and in developing new directions and strategies for Prairie College’s educational programming.
 The ability to make and implement important and complex decisions.
 Excellent personal and leadership skills and abilities; able to relate to and engage with a variety of personalities.
 The ability to keep confidences where necessary, and to understand when to bring others into the process.
 Spiritual Life: Personal, active, growing faith in Jesus Christ.
 Mission: Knowledge of and commitment to Prairie’s mission, vision, core values, statement of faith, and Community Covenant.
 Church: Understanding of and commitment to the local church.
 Education: PhD or Doctoral degree in a relevant field.
 Experience: Significant experience in the post-secondary world, working with post-secondary students.
 Team Attitude: Must have the ability to lead, work in, and contribute to a team.

 Reports to the Chief Operating Officer for all academic programs and affairs.

In accordance with the standards of the government, preference will be given to qualified applicants who hold Canadian citizenship or are a permanent resident of Canada.
Prairie’s goal is to complete as soon as a qualified applicant is found. However, applications will be received until the position has been filled by a qualified person

To apply for this job email your details to