Theologian of the Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Analysis of John Calvin’s Pneumatology
Romans 1:3 and the Celestial Jesus: A Rebuttal to Revisionist Interpretations of Jesus’s Descendance from David in Paul


Richard C. Carrier Jesus from Outer Space: What the Earliest Christians Really Believed about Christ Christopher M. Hansen
Saginaw Valley State University
University Center, MI
Michael Heiser Demons: What the Bible Really Says about the Powers of Darkness Daniel Cooper
Crandall University
Moncton, NB
Bobby Jamieson Understanding Baptism Taylor Murray
Tyndale University
Toronto, ON
Miles V. Van Pelt and Gary D. Practico Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Reading the Hebrew Bible Dustin Burlet
Hamilton, ON
Ian Hugh Clary Reformed Evangelicalism and the Search for a Usable Past: The Historiography of Arnold Dallimore, Pastor-Historian Jonathan N. Cleland
Knox College, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
Jeffrey W. Barbeau The Spirit of Methodism: From the Wesleys to a Global Communion David A. Doherty
Hamilton, ON
Lee Beach The Church in Exile: Living in Hope After Christendom Brendan G. Youngberg
Mississauga, ON
Glenn Packiam Worship and the World to Come: Exploring Christian Hope in Contemporary Worship Seán McGuire
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, ON
Robert J. Wicks Night Call: Embracing Compassion and Hope in a Troubled World Qianhong Catherine Chen
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, ON
Joshua W. Jipp The Messianic Theology of the New Testament William B. Bowes
The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland
Peter Ross Pneumatology and Union: John Calvin and the Pentecostals Geoffrey Butler
Wycliffe College, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
Jake H. O’Connell Jesus’ Resurrection and Apparitions: A Bayesian Analysis Nathan Nadeau
McMaster Divinity College Hamilton, ON
Miles V. Van Pelt and Gary D. Pratico Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary in Context: Building Competency with Words Occurring 50 Times or More Dustin Burlet
Winnipeg, MB
Esau McCaulley Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope Hannah Young
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, ON
David J. Ayers Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction Kelvin F. Mutter
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, ON
Nancy Jean Vyhmeister and Terry Dwain Robertson Your Guide to Writing Quality Research Papers for Students of Religion and Theology Dustin Burlet
Millar College of the Bible
Winnipeg, MB
Kenneth J. Langley How to Preach the Psalms Tamara Mitton
McMaster Divinity College
Hamilton, ON



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