Style Notes for Contributors

  1. Articles and book reviews should be submitted in English. Articles to be considered will normally not be above 10,000 words, and book reviews 800 to 2,000 words. Book reviews should include summary, critical evaluation, and recommendations for use.
  2. Submissions may be provided via e-mail (preferably in Microsoft Word 2003 or RTF format).
  3. Style should conform to the Divinity College Style Guide and the Wipf and Stock Style Guide for authors, Appendix B, C, and D unless something is not addressed there, then use the Chicago Manual of Style.
  4. Abbreviations for ancient literature should conform to the SBL Handbook of Style, sections 8.3.1 through 8.3.17.
  5. All Greek characters should be in SBL Greek, and all Hebrew characters should be in SBL Hebrew. These fonts are available on the SBL website.
  6. All materials submitted for publication should employ inclusive language.
  7. Authors should include a brief autobiographical statement indicating their current appointment or area of professional interest, return address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Authors are advised to retain a copy of submitted material.
  8. Submissions and correspondence may be directed to the Editor by postal mail or email.

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