On Friday May 30, 2014, Gord Heath will give a lecture at the Annual retreat of Canadian military chaplains in Cornwall,  Ontario.Gord’s presentation titled,”Canadian Churches on the Eve of the Apocalypse,” explores the situation of  Canada’s churches in the years following the South African War leading up to the outbreak of the Great War. The churches in the early twentieth century were one of the most significant shapers of public opinion of matters religious and otherwise. And both Protestants and Catholics had high aspirations for the fledgling Dominion, using their considerable resources to  Christianize the waves of immigrants as well as bolster the faith of their members. While there were troubles to deal with, both communions also exhibited the optimism of the age – onward and upward it seemed. No one was ready for the horrors that began in the summer of 1914.We are thankful to have the kind of faculty who are teachers in and out of the classroom!


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