Did you receive this year’s Christmas card? If so, you would have found featured an art piece by one of our recent Alumni. On the cover is a photo of a very unique piece explained below.By Leslie Makins, M.Div. Graduate (2014)The cover art depicts places of worship from Charleston, North Carolina, to McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario. Created by assembling photographs of various sizes into a symbolic mosaic, this colourful collage represents the way in which many different elements combine to make up the life of Christian discipleship.  Especially prominent are elements representing centuries of Christian worship, including a chalice with a sixteenth century flair, a church built in 1752, and a contemporary cross. The motifs of baptism and Eucharist are easily identified, while the Trinity is more subtly represented in the simple cross, the muted dove, and the elements of creation: earth, water, sun, and sky.Join our mailing list for updates on MDC via our newsletter. 


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