Dr. Mark Boda, Professor of Old Testament, received an invitation to give a lecture at the Murray W. Downey Memorial Lectureship. The event took place February 12-13 at Ambrose University College in Calgary, Alberta. The annual event showcases key scholars within one of the theological disciplines.Boda participated by giving two lectures. The first was “Reason and Revelation, Sages in Debate: Discerning God’s Way’s in a Sacred World.” This presentation observed the role of the Spirit in investigating truth in this world, focusing on the book of Job, but with attention to other wisdom books of the Old Testament.His second lecture was “Word and Spirit, Prophets and Scribes: Discerning God’s Voice in a Sacred Text.” This presentation looked at the role of the Spirit in the Old Testament for interpreting Scriptures, focusing on 2 Kings 22, Nehemiah 8-9, Daniel 9, and Jeremiah/Ezekiel.


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