Dr. Michael Knowles, Professor of Preaching, has been named as the guest lecturer for the 2022 William E. Conger Preaching Lectures at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Lectures run from Feburary 1-3 and are focused on “Preaching Christ, Crucified and Risen”. Dr. Knowles will take part in a number of speaking engagements, participating in Chapel, and meeting with Beeson faculty and students.

Speaking engagements will include a sermon entitled, “Scarred Hands” for the Hodges Chapel Worship Service, podcast with Dean Douglas A. Sweeney, a two-part Conger Preaching Lecture (“Preaching Crucifixion” and “Preaching Resurrection”) and an address on “Our Citizenship is in Heaven” for the Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute.

While the events will take place in person, recordings of many of these lectures will be made available on YouTube. Be sure to watch this page and our Facebook page for the link.

For more information on the William E. Conger Biblical Preaching Lectures, click here.

▸    Lunch with Beeson Faculty/Students
▸    Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute: “Our Citizenship is in Heaven”

Thursday, February 1, 2022
▸    Conger Preaching Lecture Two (“Preaching Resurrection”)
▸    Lunch with Beeson Faculty/Students

I don’t know if any of the components will be live-streamed, although I assume that both the podcast and the two main lectures will be posted to YouTube, since this has been the case in previous years (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=beeson+conger+lectures).


Clergy address under the auspices of The Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute at Beeson (Mike Pasquarello, Director)

Link: https://www.beesondivinity.com/lectures/biblical-preaching/


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