Dr. Stanley Porter and Hughson Ong will be presenting their research papers in three key linguistic conferences this year. 1.     “How the New Testament Came to Be Written in Greek: A Sociolinguistic Perspective” at the Forging Linguistic Identities Conference in Towson University, Maryland on March 12-14.2.     “An Appraisal of SFL as a Distinct Discipline of Its Own” at the First Tunisian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference in Hammamet, Tunisia on March 26-28.3.     “Can a Single Model Suffice to Analyze Discourse Structure?  A Proposal for Analyzing Discourse Structure within SFL” at the 42nd International Systemic Functional Linguistics Congress—“Challenging Boundaries” in RWTH Aachen University, Germany on July 27-31. 


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