Dr. Steve Studebaker will be giving a lecture for the Public Understanding of Religion at the University of Birmingham on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Dr. Studebaker will address the challenges and opportunities provided by Pentecostal theology to the Christian atonement tradition. Although the atonement has been at the core of Pentecostal soteriology, no comprehensive theology has yet been articulated and brought into dialogue with the variety of Christian proposals. Studebaker suggests that it is particularly the Pentecostal focus on the Holy Spirit that challenges the established theories and ideas of the Christian tradition.
The lecture is held in honor of Walter J. Hollenweger, former professor of missions at the University of Birmingham, and widely considered the father of academic research on global Pentecostalism. The Walter J. Hollenweger lecture is an annual event, organized by theĀ Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic StudiesĀ at the University of Birmingham


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