Yesterday concluded a week of academic conferences in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Institute for Biblical Research, and the Society for Biblical Literature presented members of the global academic community the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas regarding various areas of research. This year’s event hosted thousands of participants. Of the many papers and panels at these three events, there were nineteen accounts of MDC faculty and students participating. Details regarding participation appear below.Evangelical Theological Society Anthony R. Pyles presented a paper entitled Grace that is Greater than All our Sin: A Theological Interpretation of Zechariah 3 Cynthia Long Westfall served as a moderator for a session discussion the letter to the Hebrews. Bryan R. Dyer presented a paper entitled The Epistolary Closing of Hebrews and Pauline Imitation: Disputing Charges of Pseudepigraphy Stanley E. Porter and Hughson T. Ong presented a paper entitled How New Testament Codices Can Function as Canonical “Lists” Mark J. Boda presented a paper entitled An Evil Spirit from God? Theodicy and the Role of (the) (S/s)pirit Ernest Gray presented a paper entitled The Use of Sarah’s Barrenness and Its Reversal as a Model for Promise and Fulfillment Stanley E. Porter and Andrew W . Pitts The Pistis Christou Construction: 55 Reasons Why the Grammar is not Ambiguous Institute for Biblical Research Jonathan Numada presented on Refuting Great Expectations: Psalm 69 in the Gospel of John Society for Biblical Literature Stanley Porter presented on The Perfect Isn’t Perfect—It’s Stative. Dr. Cindy Westfall served as the moderator for the session entitled The Perfect Storm. Janice De-Whyte presented on Hannah’s Narrative (1 Samuel 1–2): An African (Ghanaian) Reading Jon Stovell and MDC alumna Beth Stovell presented a paper entitled Transfigured Suffering, Transfigured Selfhood: The Transfiguration in relation to Self, Other, Suffering, and Glory in the Kingdom of God Hughson T. Ong presented a paper entitled Can Linguistic Analysis in Historical Jesus Research Stand on Its Own? A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Matt 26:47—28:20 Mark J. Boda presented a paper discussing Poethics? The Use of Biblical Hebrew Poetry in Ethical Reflection on the Hebrew Bible Daniel I. Morrison presented a paper entitledAnd I Saw No Temple in the City: An Intertextual Re-Reading of Ezekiel 40–48 David I. Yoon presented on Letters of Recommendation: A Literary Analysis of the Documentary Papyri and Its Relation to the Corinthians Christopher D. Land presented a paper entitled Many Wronged, but No Wrongdoers: The Enigma of 2 Cor 7:5–16 Francis G. H. Pang presented a paper discussing Perfectivity and Telicity in Koine Greek: Towards a Better Understanding of the Compositional Process of Greek Aktionsart Mark Boda presented a paper entitled The Phoenicians in the Twelve: Reflections of Geopolitical Rivalries in the Persian Period Andrew W. Pitts presented a paper discussing Disambiguating the Genre of the Third Gospel: History, Bios, and the Synoptic Tradition We at McMaster Divinity College are proud of the accomplishments of our faculty and students, namely the contributions they have made to scholarship!


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