On May 30, Dr. Paul Evans read a paper entitled “History in the Eye of the Beholder: Assessing Allegations of Racism in Modern Historical Reconstructions of Ancient Israel” for the “Ancient Historiography” seminar of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. Divinity College doctoral students are also well represented at the CSBS annual meeting. During the same session in which Dr. Evans presents his research, Anna Lee read a paper entitled “Old Testament Historiography: A New Perspective on Methodological Approach,” while later the same day Tony Pyles presented a study entitled “Crudity, Prudery, and Treachery: Translating Sex in the Song of Songs” in the “Hebrew Bible” session, and Sharon Baines read “The Cohesiveness of 2 Chronicles 33:1–36:23 as a Literary Unit Concluding the Chronicler’s History” at a second session of the “Ancient Historiography” seminar. On the following day, May 31, Esther (Xiaxia) Xue presented her research on “A Narrative Analysis of the Longer Ending of Mark: Encounter with the Risen Jesus,” for the “New Testament” session.


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