MDC well represented at Congress 2017

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will be held this year from May 27 - June 2, 2017. Congress is the gathering of over 70 scholarly associations each holding their annual conference. Faculty and students will represent MDC at the meetings for the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS), Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (CETA), Canadian Society of Patristic Studies (CSPS), and Canadian Society of Church History (CSCH). Please find a list of the presenters and their topics below with the date and time they will be presenting. For more information on Congress, click here.

Name Faculty/Student/Alumni Topic Conference Time/Date
Andrew Dyck Student (LOA) The Form and Function of the Biblical Preterite Yiqtol in Psalms 1-41 CSBS May 27, 9:30am
Ambrose Thomson Student Righteousness, Repentance, and the Discovery of Divine Wealth: A Discourse-Analytic Approach to Luke 15:11-32 CSBS May 27, 10:15am
Paul Evans Faculty Sennacherib’s Invasion and the War of 1812: Adventures in Myth-Making and Nation-Building CSBS May 28, 8:30am
Mark Boda Faculty The Land is Unable to Endure All His Words: Perspectives on Land in the Book(s) of the Twelve CSBS May 28, 9:00am
Jennifer Brown Jones Student The Return to Yehud as Religiously Motivated Migration CSBS May 28, 10:15am
David Fuller Student The Sublime Object(s) of Idolatry: Prophetic Aniconism and the Ideological Formation of the Subject CSBS May 28, 1:30pm
Zachary Dawson Student The Meaning above the Text: A Literary-Intertextual Discourse Analysis of the Noahide Laws in Acts 15 and 21 CSBS May 28, 3:45pm
Stanley Porter Faculty Presiding: Pauline and Catholic Epistles CSBS May 29, 8:30am
Christopher Land Faculty Torah Observance without Faith: The Interlocutor of James 2:18 as a Critic of Jesus-Faith CSBS May 29, 10:15am
Joshua Liu Student Peter’s Sermon on Christological Prophecy: A Register Analysis on Acts 3:12-26 CSBS May 29, 10:15am
Mary Conway Faculty Jephthah: Savvy Diplomat or Bungling Negotiator? CSBS May 29, 2:30pm
Shannon Baines Alumni Strategies for Living Through Injustice in Habakkuk CSBS May 29, 3:45pm
Shannon Baines Alumni Responding to Injustice: A Theology of Divine Punishment in the Twelve CETA May 28, 8:45am
David Fuller Student Intertextuality in Habakkuk 2:12-14: A Lemkean Approach CETA May 28, 8:45am
Gus Konkel Faculty Chair: Session One, Section B CETA May 28, 8:45am
Lee Beach and Steve Studebaker Faculty Emerging Christianity and the Future of Evangelicalism CETA May 28, 8:45am
Matthew Lowe Alumni Chair: Session Two, Section A CETA May 28, 1:15pm
Don Springer Student Spirituality in Tension: The Conflict Between Grace and Virtue in Justin Martyr’s Apologies CETA May 28, 1:15pm
Michael Krause Student Henri de Lubac: The Patron Saint of Evangelical Theology CETA May 28, 1:15pm
Pat Sutherland Student Can Transformation be Manufactured? An Examination of Contemporart Homiletics Through the Work of Albert Borgmann CETA May 28, 3:00pm
Shannon Baines Alumni Chair: Session Three, Section B CETA May 28, 3:00pm
Alexander Stewart Student Becoming Native to These Places: Glimpses of Ecological and Moral Landscapes in Old Testament Ethics (Gen 1; Ps 104; Ps 74; Amos 4) CETA May 28, 3:00pm
Andrew Dyck Student Babel or Babylon? A Lexical Grammatical Analysis of Genesis 10:10 and 11:9 CETA May 28, 3:00pm
Sid Sudiacal Student When Religion and Psychology Collide: Examining the Donatist Controversy in light of Disgust Psychology CSPS May 30, 3:15pm
Don Springer Student On the other Hand... A Re-evaluation of Irenaeus’ favourite Trinitarian Motif CSPS May 28, 4:45pm
James Robertson Alumni Chair: Session 2 - The Lion, A Switch and the Black Robe: Colonialism, Imperialism & Evangelism in the Nineteenth Century CSCH May 31, 11:00am
Gordon Heath Faculty Chair: Session 3 - Empire from the Margins: Religious Minorities in Canada and the South African War, 1899-1902 CSCH May 31, 12:45pm
James Robertson Alumni Chair: Session 8 - "Have we not heard enough on this subject?” Revisiting the Life and Career of Egerton Ryerson in Transcontinental and Transatlantic Perspectives CSCH June 1, 3:30pm
Gordon Heath Faculty Watson Kirkconnell’s Covert War against Communism CSCH June 1, 4:45pm
Wendy Porter Faculty From Polyphony to Hymns to Worship Songs: A Byrd’s Perspective on English Reformation Church Music and Its Influence on Worship Music Today CSCH June 2, 1:30pm