Dr. Stanley E. Porter, President and Dean of McMaster Divinity College, will speak at the Joseph Ratzinger Foundation Symposium, taking place October 24-26, 2013. The theme of the event is “The Gospels. Historical and Christological Research.” Sessions will take place at the historic Pontificia Università Lateranense and the old Synod Hall of the Vatican. Dr. Porter will present on “The Witness of Extra-evangelical Literary Sources.” Dr. Porter was one of three scholars from North America invited to speak at this symposium.The event sets out to study in depth the main themes of Joseph Ratzinger, taking its cue from his three-volume Jesus of Nazareth. Symposium participants include scholars and professors of various universities and Christian denominations who will come together to promote discussion regarding interpretation of the Gospels. As an added feature of the trip, Dr. Porter has accepted the rare invitation to dwell in the papal residence throughout the duration of the symposium.


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