Dr. Phil Zylla, Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, served as the plenary speaker at the ACTS Seminaries Pastoral Care Conference, which took place May 31 – June 1 on the campus of Trinity Western University. This year’s theme was “Compassion Infused Ministry.” His 18 years of experience as a senior pastor and his 11 years work in seminary education have equipped him to address the attendees in a well-researched, theological, and practical manner.Dr. Zylla discussed the following topics:Rediscovering Compassion: Remembering, Resisting, and Reorientation”Deepening Compassionate Ministry: Seeing, Staying, and SighingReleasing Compassion: Embracing Complexity, Enacting Care, and Empowering CommunityLiving the Compassionate LifeFor those interested in some of Dr. Zylla’s writing, you may wish to obtain a copy of his 2012 publication The Roots of Sorrow: A Pastoral Theology of Suffering.


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