McMaster Divinity College has been transformed over the course of its over sixty years as a seminary. We have moved from one program taught mostly to Baptist men to a seminary and graduate school with five different degree programs, educating both men and women, and nearly 300 students from almost forty different denominations. However, our building, at least outwardly, still looks the same as it did when first built.

In order to continue to do what God has called us to do—educate the next generation of Christian leaders, pastors, and educators—we need a building that both reflects who we have become and enables us to do what we are called to do. Our building expansion project will be a living symbol of the transformation that has occurred so that we are retaining what is best in our past but expanding to enhance our ability to address our future educational needs. We will have more usable and diverse space for students to gather and for classroom use, enhanced ability to connect through mediated learning, more and improved offices for our faculty and staff, and more opportunity to host a variety of events within our own building. Most of all, we will have a building suitable for our position as the leading evangelical seminary in Canada.

Our renovations will ensure that students, staff, and faculty work in a safe and up-to-date building that remains modest and retains the original aspect and ethos of the original design, but is more suited and comfortable for today’s student.

We invite you to journey with us as we experience week by week the changes to our building that will truly reflect who and what we are—a seminary and graduate school that seeks to serve God by developing effective evangelical Christian leadership for the 21st century through university-level education, professional training, and ongoing support. In one year, our building will be considerably different.

We have raised a substantial portion of our funding for this exciting phase, but we still need your help to raise the significant amount needed to close the gap. We would love to have you join with us and help us reach 100% before construction is completed. To donate to the “our future is clear” campaign, please click here. We look forward to being partners with you in continuing McMaster Divinity College’s faithfulness to the vision of Senator William McMaster and his wife, Susan Moulton McMaster!

Week 63-65: Stained Glass Window

Week 62: ATS Visit

Week 60 & 61: New Fence

Week 59: FTE better than last year–by far

Week 58: Chapel Scaffolding

Week 57: Brightening Up!

Week 55: New Trees

Week 54: The Little Things

Week 52 & 53: Moving and Cleaning

Week 51: Heated Accessibility Ramp

Week 50: Washroom Update

Week 49: Courtyard Concrete

Week 48: Pope Leo Returns

Week 47: Taking Shape

Week 46: Final Move!

Week 45: Downpour

Week 44: New Entrance

Week 43: McNally

Week 42: Our Mission

Week 41: New Roof

Week 40: Creative Solutions

Week 39: New Structures

Week 38: Convocation Ceremony

Week 37: Up, Up, Up!

Week 36: Accessibility

Week 35: Oops!

Week 32-34: Fast Forward

 Week 31: We have gas!

Week 30: Out with the Old!

 Week 29: Welcome Board & Senate!

 Week 28: New Windows

 Week 27: Permits!!

 Week 26: New Stairway

 Week 25: Tunnel Discovery

 Week 24: New Office

 Week 23: On Budget!

 Week 22: Courtyard

 Week 21: Rooftop HVAC

 Week 20: Water Fountains

Week 19: Windows!

Week 17 & 18: Break

 Week 16: Old Entrance

 Week 15: Christmas Banquet

 Week 14: Fountain

Week 13: #GivingTuesday

Week 12: Lights Out

 Week 11: New Entrance

 Week 10: Camelford Progress

 Week 9: Groundbreaking Ceremony

 Week 8: Outdoors

 Week 7: Books

 Week 6: Admissions

 Week 5: Community

Week 4: Tear Down

Week 3: Into Storage

Week 2: New Students

Week 1: The Move