Exploring Contemporary Styles of Preaching

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This course will explore a wide range of contemporary preaching styles (expository, evangelistic, pastoral, inductive, dialogical, etc.), discussing the content, purpose, and form of presentation that is appropriate to each. In addition, students will have opportunity to practice different styles of preaching in class for peer evaluation.



  • To acquire a foundational understanding of contemporary homiletical methods and approaches
  • To develop functional standards for the evaluation of homiletical methods in relation to specific situations in the life of a congregation or ministry


  • To gain experience preparing and delivering sermons in a range of styles and approaches
  • To facilitate each student’s identification of their preferred method or approach to preaching


  • To evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and applications of various preaching styles/approaches
  • To examine the role of the preacher in each style or approach
  • To develop critical and analytical skills through peer evaluation