Spirituality of the Missional Church: Prayer, Community, Participation

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The missional church is nurtured through communion with God. Prayer, community and participation are core spiritual dynamics by which the missional church is sustained as a redemptive agent in the world. This course will explore the pastoral, theological, and biblical roots of a spirituality for the missional church. The missional church is invited by the Father to live out the sentness of the Son (John 20:21), in the power of the Holy Spirit. The rich resources of the biblical and Christian tradition will be surveyed to inform how the missional church participates with God in his missional work in the world. By examining the Trinitarian, participative, and spiritual dynamics of this missional spirituality, local churches will discern how Jesus is sending them into the world. Discerning this “sending” will help local churches to live out the missio Dei with an ever-deepening intimacy with the triune God. Practical attention will be given to the following missional imperatives: cultivating intimacy with God (prayer), contextual and incarnational communication of the Gospel (participation), and discerning a creative response to mission (community). This spirituality of the missional church will cultivate intimacy with the triune God as the means for its missional expression in the world. 


  • To explore the biblical, theological and spiritual resources for the missional church.
  • To understand the relationship between Christian spirituality and the mission of thelocal church.
  • To discover the interrelation of spirituality and the missional church.


  • To prayerfully cultivate intimacy with God which leads to personal and corporate missional expression.
  • To develop spiritual practices which enable discernment and expression of participation in the missio Dei.
  • To rest in and live out of the reality that the love of the triune God is the genesis and telos of spirituality and mission.


  • To identify and embrace the spiritual resources within the local church as it relates to God’s mission in the world.
  • To practice spiritual giftedness in a manner that contributes to church health and missional engagement.
  • To articulate ways in which the local church can develop spiritual practices which lead to missional expression.