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Crossing The Boundaries: Essays On Biblical Interpretation In Honour Of Michael D. Goulder


These 24 articles, written by friends and colleagues, celebrate Professor Michael Goulder on the occasion of his retirement. The essays respond to and/or interact with Professor Goulder’s creative work across the boundaries of the scholarly disciplines. They are grouped into four subject areas: method in interpretation, the Hebrew Bible in context, the New Testament in context, and views beyond the Biblical boundaries. This text also contains a personal tribute to Professor Goulder by Professor Dennis Nineham, and a bibliography of Goulder’s publications.

Twenty-four articles appear under four headings: method in biblical interpretation (three); the Hebrew Bible in context–historical and literary perspectives (five); the NT in context–literary, linguistic, and christological perspectives (thirteen); and views beyond the biblical boundaries (three). Those papers most pertinent to NT studies are by J. Barton on whether there is any common ground between historical criticism and literary interpretation; Joyce on historical criticism in the marketplace of methods; F. Young on typology; J. L. Houlden on the puzzle of Matthew and the Law; Orton on Matthew and other creative Jewish writers; D. Parker on the sons of thunder; F. Neirynck on whether Lk 10:25-28 is a foreign body in Luke’s Gospel; I. H. Marshall on the Christology of Lk-Acts and the Pastorals; J.O’Neill on Adam ‘who is the figure of him that was to come’–a reading of Rom 5:12-21; C. M. Tuckett on whether there is Jewish-Christian wisdom in 1 Corinthians; J. Drury on ‘Christ our Passover’; J. D. G. Dunn on recent NT scholarship on the incarnation; J. Muddiman on an anatomy of Galatians; R. H. Gundry on style and substance in ‘the myth of God incarnate’ according to Phil 2:6-11; Porter on the date of the composition of Hebrews and use of the present tense-form; J. Day on the origin of Armageddon–Rev 16:16 as an interpretation of Zech 12:11; J. M. Lieu on whether God-fearers make good Christians; and M. Goodman on Sadducees and Essenes after a.d. 70. Also included are a five-page personal appreciation of Goulder by D. Nineham and a bibliography of his writings (compiled by Porter).

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