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The Johannine Writings: A Sheffield Reader

Sheffield Academic

This volume collects the best articles on the Johannine writings from the first fifty issues of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. The range of the volume reflects the breadth of the journal itself. Here the reader will find ground-breaking studies which introduce new critical questions and move into fresh areas of enquiry, surveys of the state of play in this particular topic of New Testament studies, and articles which engage with each other in specific debates. For students this book offers an invaluable critical introduction to Johannine studies. More advanced students and scholars can use it to find background material or to gain an overview of the research in this area of scholarship. This builds on the reputation of JSNT as a conduit for first-class research and a major influence within the scholarly community.

This contains thirteen articles on John’s Gospel and its influences (seven) and on Revelation (six) that appeared in Journal for the Study of the New Testament 1–50 (1978-93): B. Lindars on discourse and tradition–the use of the sayings of Jesus in the discourses of the Fourth Gospel; B. Byrne on the faith of the beloved disciple and the community in Jn 20; R. Bauckham on the beloved disciple as ideal author; B. H. Grigsby on the cross as an expiatory sacrifice in the Fourth Gospel; M. C. de Boer on narrative criticism, historical criticism, and John’s Gospel; A. H. B. Logan on John and the gnostics–the significance of Apocryphon of John for the debate about the origins of the Johannine literature; W. E. Sproston on witnesses to what was ap arches–1 John’s contribution to our knowledge of tradition in the Fourth Gospel; J. J. Gunther on the Elder John as the author of Revelation; D. E.Aune on the prophetic circle of John of Patmos and the exegesis of Rev 22:16; L. W. Hurtado on Revelation 4–5 in the light of Jewish apocalyptic analogies; M. G. Reddish on martyr Christology in Revelation; P. Barnett on polemical parallelism and Revelation; and F. G. Downing on Pliny’s persecution of Christians (Revelation and 1 Peter).

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