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Journal Of Greco-Roman Christianity And Judaism 1

Sheffield Phoenix Press

This volume presents the inaugural printed version of the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, which is devoted to the study of the texts, languages, and cultures of the Greco-Roman world of early Christianity and Judaism. This first print issue presents articles by P. W. van der Horst on ancient Jewish bibliomancy [record 49-2042]; A. Papathomas on a new testimony to the text of Hebrews [record 49-1848]; C. C. Caragounis on Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the art of composition, and the apostle Paul [record 49-1784]; S. J. D. Cohen on false prophets (4Q339), netinim (4Q340), and Hellenism at Qumran [record 49-1981]; C. A.Evans on Mark’s incipit and the Priene Calendar inscription–from Jewish gospel to Greco-Roman Gospel [record 49-1699]; S. E. Porter and B. W. R. Pearson on reasons for the split between Christians and Jews by the 4th century [record 49-1944]; A. Runesson on particularistic Judaism and universalistic Christianity–some critical remarks on terminology and theology [record 49-1543]; A. Wolters on a semantic study of authentes and its derivatives [record 49-1846]; and M. Knowles on ‘wide is the gate and spacious the road that leads to destruction–Mt 7:13 in light of archaeological evidence [record 49-1682].

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