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The Paul Of Acts: Essays In Literary Criticism, Rhetoric, And Theology


In his series of studies Stanley E. Porter focuses upon the depiction of Paul in the book of Acts from literary-critical, rhetorical, and theological perspectives, among several others. The essays within this volume extend work on various issues in recent Pauline studies by pursuing various topics related to the Paul of Acts. After discussing the methods and assumptions of his work, Stanley E. Porter first treats the ‘we’ passages of Acts as a source regarding Paul, and the theology and perspective of these passages in terms of their portrait of him. Addressing a neglected area of Acts research, he analyzes the Acts passages that deal with Paul and the Holy Spirit. Then he turns to the question of Pauline rhetoric and discusses whether Paul is an epistolographer or rhetorician, and examines Paul’s missionary speeches and his apologetic speeches in Acts. After that the author looks at Acts 21 and Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem, before he closes with an analysis of the Paul of Acts and the Paul of the letters in terms of some common conceptions and misconceptions.

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