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The Synoptic Gospels: A Sheffield Reader

Sheffield Academic

This volume contains articles on the Synoptic Gospels that were published in the first fifty issues of Journal for the Study of the New Testament between 1978 and 1993. The essays on Matthew’s Gospel are by D. Hill on Son and Servant in Matthean Christology, A.Ito on Matthew and the community of the Dead Sea scrolls, and J. D. Kingsbury on the figure of Jesus in Matthew’s story (with a response by Hill, and a rejoinder by Kingsbury). The five papers on Mark’s Gospel are by K. Brower on Mk 9:1–seeing the kingdom in power, E. S. Johnson on whether Mk 15:39 is the key to Mark’s Christology, P. G. Davies on Mark’s christological paradox, F. J. Matera on the prologue as the interpretative key to Mark’s Gospel, and L. W. Hurtado on whether Mark’s Gospel is an evolutionary or a revolutionary document. The four articles that deal with Luke’s Gospel are by W. G. Most on whether Luke imitated the Septuagint, J. L.Houlden on the purpose of Luke, C. L. Blomberg on the Law in Luke-Acts, and D. P. Moessner on the ‘leaven of the Pharisees’ and ‘this generation’–Israel’s rejection of Jesus according to Luke

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