• The Senate of McMaster Divinity College considers student evaluation of courses to be an essential component of ongoing programme assessment. This form will help you to evaluate the following in light of your personal learning goals, the goals of the course, and those of your degree programme:

    1. The course content
    2. Your own involvement in the course
    3. The instructor
    4. Methods of teaching and assessment

    The Master of Arts programme aims to provide students with an opportunity to build upon previous theological education, to engage in specialized study in specific areas of interest, and to develop the academic and research competencies needed to undertake intensive, sustained research in the form of a master’s thesis. The goal of this programme is to provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for doctoral studies and/or for leadership roles in church and society.
    The Doctor of Philosophy programme is designed to prepare students for Christian theological leadership in academic teaching, scholarship, and ministry. To this end, the programme seeks to facilitate development of:

    1. Comprehensive knowledge of theological studies within a particular field of specialization;
    2. Research skills for advanced theological inquiry and full participation in the life of the academic guild;
    3. Original research and writing for the benefit of church, academy, and society;
    4. Excellence in communication and practice of ministry;
    5. Christian character, professional skills, and leadership aptitude.

    Instructors will only be granted access to course evaluations after the submission of final grades. Your honest and objective assessment of all aspects of this course will contribute to its improvement for the benefit of future students. Please leave a blank for any questions that do not apply.
  • Course Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I. Student Self-Assessment

  • 1. How fully did you participate in online modules? (1=low, 6=high)
  • II. Assessment of Instructor

  • III. Assessment of Teaching and Evaluation Methods

  • 1. Was the course content:
  • 2. Assigned resource materials (textbook, articles, etc.) were:
  • 3. Were course requirements (essays, annotated bibliography, presentations, exams, etc.):
  • IV. Additional Comments