John W. Hilber

Professor of Old Testament

John joined the faculty of McMaster Divinity College in 2022 as a Professor of Old Testament studies. He spent the first half of his career in pastoral ministry in the Pacific Northwest, then returned to school in 2000 for doctoral studies in preparation for academic ministry. Consequently, he is deeply committed to preparing students for careful study of Scripture in real-life settings. Before coming to McMaster, he served eight years as Associate Professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary and ten years as Professor of Old Testament at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He states, “I desire my students to encounter Christ through my love for them and engagement with his word and to leave the classroom better equipped for effective service.” John’s specialized interest is the use of ancient Near Eastern background material in Old Testament studies, although his undergrad training as a geologist has also led him into research and writing on the relationship between science and the Bible. He is currently working on final stages of editing for several articles on ancient Near Eastern prophetism and the Old Testament as well as hermeneutics of the contextual method. Next on the horizon is a return to the study of ancient Israelite religions, in particular the Old Testament expression of faith in one God in the context of polytheistic neighbors.


University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK
Dallas Theological Seminary
Dallas, TX
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Current Course List

Course Title Instructors Term Year/Month Days
Hebrew II Morphology John W. Hilber Winter 2024