We have various programs to help you fulfill God’s call to train for further Christian service. McMaster Divinity College offers two streams of educational experience. Our professional degree programs, the Master of Divinity and the Master of Theological Studies, are designed with specializations for individuals who aim to apply what they learn in the classroom to their life in vocational ministry. The research degree programs, the Doctor of Philosophy (Christian Theology) and Master of Arts (Christian Studies), prepare individuals who feel called to academic teaching and writing ministries of the Church.

There is also the possibility to take up to three courses as an Occasional Student. This allows students to experience life in the MDC community and creates an opportunity for students who do not have a clear direction in their program choice to take courses that will go toward any degree or program that they may choose. There is also the possibility for students from other institutions to take courses at MDC under a Letter of Permission (LOP) issued by their institution. Those credits taken under an LOP will then transfer back to the student’s institution.

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