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Writing Resources
MDC Writing Style Guide (Revised August 2019)
Masters Thesis Proposal Form (MA)
Masters Thesis Proposal Form (MDiv and MTS)
PhD Dissertation Proposal Form
Thesis Writing Guidelines (MA)
Thesis Writing Guidelines (MDiv and MTS)
DPT Dissertation Project Proposal Application

Forms for Currently Enrolled Students
Application for Change of Program
Application for Advanced Elective (DPT)
Process for Applying for and Completing a DPT Advanced Elective in Practical Theology
Application to Write PhD Language Exam (PhD)
Application to Write PhD Comprehensives (PhD)
Application for Dissertation – Thesis Defence (PhD, MA, DPT)
Application for Directed Study (MA and PhD)
Application for Letter of Permission (LOP)
Application for Reading Course (MDiv, MTS, and DipMin)
Audit Application Form
Audit Registration Form
Incomplete/Deferral Application
Student Financial Aid Application
Vocational Practice Portfolio

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MTS & MDiv students or graduates can request a transcript using the instructions at this linkAll other students should email to request a transcript. A $10 fee is applicable for any courier requests.