Find tuition and fees for your specific program and visa status below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at the number below. All posted tuition and fees are subject to board approval.

Please Note: Once you reach the threshold of 18 units per Academic Year (September – April) you are required to pay the Student Health and GSA Health fees regardless of your part/full time status.

Refund Policy – All 3-unit courses, plus MA and DPT program courses
Since McMaster Divinity College uses McMaster University’s student records system (MOSAIC) for tracking students’ courses, tuition, fees and for subsequently producing transcripts, we follow the dates for refunds stipulated on McMaster University’s website as seen here.

Please note that any fees or fines are not refundable after the last day to add/drop.

If dropping a course is due to a health issue, MDC will consider a change in refund upon receipt of a doctor’s note sent to the Registrar.

Refund Policy – PhD program
Since PhD students pay an annual amount, there is no charge for dropping courses. However, if a PhD student withdraws from the program, tuition up to the end of the withdrawal month will be charged.