The Master of Arts (Christian Studies) degree is designed to prepare students for doctoral-level studies or to develop advanced competence in theological studies. This program has a research-oriented emphasis, building on prior academic preparation in the general areas of theological education.

Program Duration
Designed to be completed in 2-4 years

Admission Requirements

Agreement with the McMaster Divinity College Statement of Faith

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or its educational equivalent, of which 10 courses must be in the area of Theological or Christian Studies (with at least a B+ average)

Six units (two terms) of biblical languages study in the applicant’s anticipated area of emphasis. Ministry Studies and Theological Studies applicants may choose either Greek or Hebrew.

Application Deadline

Fall Semester          April 15
Winter Semester    August 1


Approximate cost per course is listed above. For full details, visit our Tuition and Fees page.


Biblical Studies (OT, NT)
Theological Studies (includes Church History)
Ministry Studies (includes Pastoral Theology & Preaching)

Program Requirements

Number of courses
Research Methods course 1
6-unit courses* in area of emphasis:
Biblical Studies (Old Testament, New Testament)
Ministry Studies
Theological Studies (including Church History)
Total courses 5
Thesis (40,000 words)

*Note: Two 3-unit courses may be substituted for one 6-unit course.

Thesis Project

The thesis project is a major piece of writing intended to provide an in-depth foundation for further study of enhanced knowledge and proficiency in a defined area.