Master of Arts (Global Christianity)

The Master of Arts in Global Christianity is a professional degree designed for students passionate about understanding the complexities of the Christian faith around the world. Students are educated in biblical studies, theological studies, and ministry studies, taught by faculty who live, work, and worship in various cultural contexts around the globe. As a result, students earn a degree that is authentically “global” in its orientation and scope, equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of contemporary Christian ministry and scholarship in an interconnected world. Whether aspiring to work in academia, cross-cultural ministry, non-profit organizations, or international development, the Master of Arts in Global Christianity empowers students to be thoughtful, informed, and effective leaders in today’s globalized Christian landscape.

Program Duration

Designed to be completed in 2 years of full-time study. The maximum length of the degree program is 4 years with the possibility to appeal for an additional year.

Course Format

This degree program has been designed to be completed fully online (asynchronous) to ensure participants from across the world have a similar learning experience.


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Program Requirements

This degree program requires a total of 8 courses. Each of these courses is considered a “double-three” course (i.e. they are three-level courses that have been adjusted in scope such that they will count as a 6-unit professional course).

Number of courses
Biblical Studies
6-unit courses in New Testament and/or Old Testament
Theological Studies 2
6-unit courses in Church History and/or Theological Studies
Ministry Studies 2
6-unit courses in Ministry Studies
Electives 2
2 Electives from Biblical, Theological, or Ministry Studies courses in program
Program Total 8

Admission Requirements

  • Agreement with the McMaster Divinity College Statement of Faith
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution with a B- average

Application Deadline

Fall Semester          June 1
Winter Semester    October 15