Doctor of Practical Theology

The DPT program is designed for ministry practitioners who desire to contribute to their field of ministry through practice-led research.

The DPT is offered in hybrid form, which includes a combination of online and in-class sessions. Students may attend the in-class sessions remotely via livestream.

Program Duration

Designed to be completed in 3 years


Approximate cost per 5-unit course is listed above. For full details, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Program Requirements

Number of courses
Core Courses (5 units each) 3
Research Methods for Practice-Led Doctoral Study
Advanced Research in Practical Theology
Advanced Biblical – Theological Research for Practice-Led Doctoral Study
Advanced Electives (5 units each) 3
Total courses 6
Retreat (1 unit each) 3
Research Dissertation Project (15 units) 1

Note: Research Dissertation Seminar will be required if proposal has not been submitted to faculty and approved upon completion of 6 courses. May be repeated once for continuing status.

The doctoral committee includes a primary supervisor along with the program director of the Doctor of Practical Theology program. A second advisory member of the faculty will be added at the time of Research Proposal approval.

Program participants work with the Primary Supervisor to choose courses that fit with their overall focus, and that move them toward advanced research preparation.

Admission Requirements

Agreement with the McMaster Divinity College Statement of Faith

BA or equivalent in an appropriate field of study with a minimum B average

Master of Theological Studies (or similar i.e. Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, etc.) with a minimum B average (students may enter the DPT immediately following completion of their Master’s degree)

A major paper from your Master’s degree, ideally in the field that you want to research

Three to five years of ministry experience or equivalent is preferred. A minimum of three years of ministry, not necessarily pastoral, is required for entrance into the program. The ideal candidate will be encouraged by their local church, or church-based organization, for advanced professional work in a particular area of focus.

Application Deadline

Fall Term        March 15
Winter Term  August 1