Master of Arts (Theology & Ministry)

The Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry is a professional degree designed to provide students with a deeper theological understanding, an opportunity for personal spiritual development, and Christ-centred guidance for navigating a complex world. Our program structure is flexible, enabling students to customize their degree according to their individual and vocational goals. With the option to include a major paper, our MA in Theology and Ministry program serves as an ideal pathway for those considering advanced studies, including doctoral programs like the DPT or PhD.

Program Duration

Designed to be completed in 2 years of full-time study. The maximum length of the degree program is 4 years with the possibility to appeal for an additional year.

Course Format Options

Register to attend these courses in-person or remotely via livestream (synchronous).

The traditional classroom experience.

These courses meet fully online in asynchronous format.

This program may be fully completed remotely through a combination of online (asynchronous) and livestream (synchronous) courses.


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Biblical Studies: General, OT or NT
Church and Culture
Counselling and Spiritual Care
Pastoral Studies
Christian History and Worldview

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Program Requirements

Number of courses
Biblical Studies
New Testament and/or Old Testament courses
(any 2 courses with codes beginning with NT or OT)
Theological Studies 2
Church History and/or Theological Studies courses
(any 2 courses with codes beginning with CH or TH)
Ministry Studies 2
Ministry Studies courses
(any 2 courses with codes beginning with MS)
Ministry Formation  1
Multi-Term (in-class or online), to be completed alongside a weekly ministry placement
Spiritual Formation Retreat
Specialization 6
6 courses in one of the following specializations:
Biblical Studies (BS)
Church and Culture (CC)
Counselling and Spiritual Care (CS)
Pastoral Studies (PS)
Christian History and Worldview (CW)
Electives 3
3 Electives OR 2 Electives + Major paper option (min. 10,000 words)
Program Total 16

Note: each course is equivalent to 3 semester hours

Ministry Formation

The goal of Ministry Formation is to offer McMaster Divinity College students an opportunity for ministry experience, integration of classroom learning with ministry practice, and reflection on personal and theological issues as they pertain to their own development as ministering persons. The program seeks to be highly intentional in its process and outcomes so as to maximize the student’s development for future ministry. By emphasizing the central development tenets of our educational paradigm, Knowing, Being, Doing, the Ministry Formation program seeks to be integrated with the rest of the College’s curriculum, and is intentional in its desire to be an effective program for the formation of current and future ministers in the Church. Ministry Formation is a required course for one year of the professional MA programs, to allow for flexibility for students, Ministry Formation (Ministry Formation Seminar) is now offered online.

Admission Requirements

  • Agreement with the McMaster Divinity College Statement of Faith
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution with a B- average

Application Deadline

Fall Semester          June 1
Winter Semester    October 15
Spring Semester    March 15