Graduate Certificate

Our Graduate Certificates are designed to offer opportunities for students to strengthen their vocational aims by specializing in a particular area of graduate study.

The Certificate may be taken as a stand-alone program or concurrently with our MDiv and MA (Theology and Ministry) programs.

Certificates Available

Church and Culture
Spiritual Care
Spiritual Formation
Pastoral Ministry
Worship Studies
Church Leadership
Christian Thought & History
Biblical Languages
Christian Studies
Biblical Studies

Program Duration

Each certificate is comprised of 6 courses, and can be completed in 1 year (at 2 courses per Fall/Winter/Spring term), up to a maximum of 4 years.

Admission Requirements

Agreement with the McMaster Divinity College Statement of Faith
High school diploma
Student must be 25 years of older (or have completed a Bachelor’s degree)

Application Deadline

Fall Semester          June 1
Winter Semester    October 15
Spring Semester     March 15

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Approximate cost per course for incoming students is listed above. For full details, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Program Requirements

Church and Culture 4 courses in Church and Culture (CC specialization)
2 elective courses
Spiritual Care 4 courses in Spiritual Care and Counselling (CS specialization)
2 Ministry Studies electives
Spiritual Formation 4 courses in Christian Spirituality (as approved by faculty advisor)
2 Ministry Studies electives
Pastoral Ministry 1 course in Foundations for Christian Ministry or Theological Contours of Christian Ministry (or equivalent)
1 course in Preaching or Homiletics
2 courses in Ministry Studies (Pastoral Studies (PS) specialization option)
1 course in Spiritual Care and Counselling (Christian Studies (CS) specialization option)
1 course in Christian Leadership
Worship Studies 3 courses in Worship (as approved by faculty advisor)
3 Ministry Studies electives
Church Leadership 2 courses in Leadership (Pastoral Studies (PS) – as approved by faculty advisor)
4 Ministry Studies electives
Christian Thought & History 4 courses in Christian History (CH course code)
2 courses in Theology (TH course code)
Biblical Languages 6 courses in Greek or Hebrew Exegesis
*Option of adding Aramaic in place of one Hebrew exegesis course
Christian Studies 2 courses in Ministry Studies (MS course code)
2 courses in Biblical Studies (OT or NT course code)
2 courses in Theological Studies (TH course code)
Biblical Studies 5 courses in Old Testament or New Testament (course code OT or NT)
1 course in Biblical Studies (eg. Hermeneutics)
Theology 4 courses in Theology (TH course code)
2 courses in Christian History or Pastoral Theology

Flexible learning options are available, courses can be completed in person or fully remote.

Please note that international students are not eligible to complete our certificate program in person. International students who are admitted to the certificate program will complete the program remotely.