Job - Hebrew Exegesis

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This course is a course on biblical (classical) Hebrew comprised of reading selected texts from the book of Job in Hebrew, as well as a thorough study of the entire biblical book.


  • To understand intermediate level issues related to Biblical Hebrew
  • To build upon the Hebrew vocabulary acquired in Intermediate Hebrew I
  • To know various textual traditions regarding the text of Job
  • To have a thorough knowledge of the contents and message of the book of Job


  • The value of knowing the original language of the book of Job gives access to in-depth research and exegsis of biblical texts
  • The student's life will be enriched by the access to culture that knowledge of another language brings
  • To embrace the contemporary relevance of the book of Job for the Church today


  • To improve the student's facility in reading Biblical Hebrew
  • To employ intermediate Hebrew grammars for studying the Hebrew of Job
  • To be able to translate portions of Job from the original Hebrew
  • To be able to interpret the book of Job in its original contexts
  • To build a foundation for a lifetime of engagement with the Hebrew Scriptures