The Book Of Kings: Israel's Life After David To The Exile

OT 3XK3/6XK6

Fall 2017
Wed 8:30 - 10:20 AM

This course will provide a close reading of the biblical books of 1–2 Kings, exploring important historical, literary and theological issues raised by the text. We will examine the literary structure, authorial purpose, and historicity of the books of Kings, and explore literary and theological issues raised by the text. We will also focus on several questions throughout our study: in what way is the Law of Moses authoritative in Kings? What is the proper role of the monarchy in Israel’s history? The course will also explore issues of historicity and the genre of historiography in the ancient world. The key role of David’s example and God’s promises to David will also be examined throughout our study of Kings, which will include a biblical theological exploration of the “son of David” in messianic expectation. This course will consider the nature of the biblical narrative and its theological importance in both its ancient context and for the modern Church today.


  • To gain in-depth knowledge of the contents and message of the books of 1-2 Kings
  • To gain familiarity with the assumptions, methods and conclusions of modern critical scholarship on the Old Testament
  • Understand how ancient Israel accounted for its history and how their methods of history writing compare with those of other history writers in the ancient world.



  • To embrace the contemporary relevance of these biblical books for the Church today
  • To grow closer to God through study of his Word



  • To be able to interpret 1-2 Kings in its original contexts
  • To be able to apply the message of 1-2 Kings to contemporary audiences