Critical Understandings In Ministry Leadership


Fall 2017 - October
OCT. 10-11
Hybrid, In-person

Defining effective leadership in ministry is ever evolving as contexts and expectations constantly change. However, are there critical/foundational perspectives that define Christian ministry? Further, how do we identify and define what the critical understandings of ministry leadership are in our own ministry context? Also, how do foundational perspectives and contextual issues inform one another? This course will address the need to understand the foundational and contextual issues that inform effective ministry leadership. By understanding historical models as well as reflecting on our own contextual challenges the course will explore ways in which we can develop an understanding of what it means to lead effectively in the particular ministry context that we find ourselves in.

As a hybrid course we will be using a course shell provided by McMaster Universities, Avenue to Learn as well as other online technology. Information about accessing and using these sites will be provided prior to the beginning of the course and/or as needed.


  • Students will gain an initial knowledge of the practice – led research method.
  • Students will gain understanding of the contextual nature of ministry, both locally and globally, and how the work of ministry is to respond to and work within a particular context.
  • Students will develop a deeper understanding of specific challenges in contemporary ministry and how reflective leadership is crucial to addressing these challenges.


  • Students will have the opportunity to evaluate their own cultural situatedness and how their own understanding of the world is influenced by it.
  • Students will gain insight into how their work in ministry is a response to the questions and needs of their time and context and how living into this reality is part of the ministerial calling.


  • Students will grow in their ability to present their ideas to a group of peers and receive critical feedback from that group.
  • Students will develop a practical response to a leadership challenge within their own ministry context.
  • Students will identify specific cultural and contextual issues that affect their practice of ministry and develop effective responses to them.