Current Issues in Theology (MA/PhD)

CHTH G105-C01 or TH 6XC6

Fall 2021
Mon 4:00 - 5:50pm

This course provides an opportunity to explore and to develop scholarly expertise in contemporary issues in theology. To achieve that goal, course lectures and discussions cover significant topics in contemporary theology (e.g., theological hermeneutics, theology of religions, and the doctrine of the Trinity) and student projects and papers provide an opportunity to develop proficiency in a specific area of theology.


  • Know key areas of contemporary theology.
  • Know and be familiar with the contributions of key figures in contemporary theology.
  • Begin to gain specialized command of an area of theology related to your area of research.


  • Become a critical and constructive theological leader.
  • Appreciate the value of current theological movements for the church and your life.
  • Be a respectable, respectful, and significant theologian.
  • Appreciate that theology is a dynamic and contextual effort to discern appropriate ways to embody the redemption revealed in Jesus Christ.


  • Develop the ability to present informative lectures and facilitate student discussions.
  • Research and present to peers original research on a substantial topic in contemporary theology.
  • Hone critical reading skills in primary literature.
  • Develop the ability to analyze secondary scholarship in light of primary texts.