James - Greek Exegesis


Winter 2020
Mon 11:00am - 12:50pm

Being able to read the Greek New Testament opens up the possibility of a deeper and richer encounter with the scriptures. Also, being able to explicitly analyze the possible meaning(s) of a Greek wording makes it possible to discuss with clarity the foundation on which all interpretive and theological discussions must rest. In this class, students will grow in their ability to read and analyze the Greek New Testament through assigned readings and exercises, as well as through classroom lectures and discussions. By the end of the course, students will be better able to read through a passage of the Greek New Testament and appreciate how the wording of the text factors into interpretive debates regarding its meaning.


  • Understand how languages make meanings
  • Recognize more Greek words
  • Learn about the grammatical structures of Greek.


  • Appreciate the benefits of collaborative close reading
  • Become humble interpreters who are moving towards competency in Greek
  • Practice listening carefully to the original wording of the New Testament


  • Learn how to use a textual apparatus
  • Learn how to use a Greek lexicon
  • Learn how to analyze Greek wordings as meaningful structures
  • Practice moving from the Greek text to responsible interpretations and applications.